Sound Engineering (ENG)

Gianmarco Fabbretti is also a mixing and mastering engineer involved in the industry since 2018.

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His technical experience and passion for creating high-quality music products have led him to collaborate on various projects where he played an essential role in the post-production phase.
“My goal as a Sound Engineer is always to assist artists and producers in achieving a sound that is not only professional but also in line with their vision. I offer my availability, knowledge, and experience to help them in this process.”
Thanks to his extensive experience and attention to detail, he is able to achieve high-level results, distinguishing himself as a highly talented and reliable professional in his field.


Excellent availability and professionalism!

I’ve entrusted several of my projects for mixing and have been absolutely pleased with the excellent availability and professionalism. I would absolutely recommend his service!

Danè Sirosi


I absolutely recommend him!

I absolutely recommend Gianmarco! I personally vouch for the effectiveness of his tips as he has been my mentor from day one and has helped me reach the point where I am today, signing with international labels and collaborating with established EDM artists.


DJ Producer

Highly recommended

I entrusted my work to Gianmarco, who was a guarantee of reliability and meticulousness, from mixing to mastering. He has always been available to listen to technical requirements. He’s highly recommended, always ready and willing to listen to the artist and support them by interacting during all stages of the mix. Today, he’s my go-to and I couldn’t do without him.



He’s a Pro!

Gianmarco listens to and lives the project, which is why he knows exactly where to intervene to enhance it. He has always been able to interpret my vision and add value to the tracks. He’s a pro!


Autore e Compositore

I highly recommend him!

I was fortunate to contact and get to know Gianmarco, who has given me a boost both professionally and empathetically in the music realm. Today, I definitely approach mixing and mastering differently, knowing where to focus my efforts. I highly recommend him because he’s always available and well-prepared in terms of teaching, explaining concepts clearly and in a useful manner.

Andrea Perazzone


Highly recommended!

I hired Gianmarco for mixing and mastering to add some finishing touches to my new track, and I must say I am very satisfied both technically and personally, which not many technicians have. Gianmarco is a professional who is super willing to review and refine with enthusiasm until the client is fully satisfied. Highly recommended!


Artista e Music Producer

A great person and an excellent teacher

I got to know Gianmarco through one of his TikTok videos, and at the time, I didn’t know where to start. Thanks to his help and the many hours spent working together, I was able to grow as a producer and as a person. I recommend anyone looking to break into this industry to get in touch with Gianmarco: he’s a great person and a fantastic mentor


DJ Producer

I recommend him

Gianmarco managed to broaden my knowledge on every aspect of music. I recommend him because, thanks to his patience, you can always clarify your doubts with him!

Dj FranKarol (DFK

DJ Producer


He appears as a sound engineer in various works.

He also appears on…

National advertising campaign for Cote D'Or 2020.

He was the composer and sound engineer of the track for the national Cote D’Or commercial that aired in the year 2020-2021.

Independent film "Sight Extended".

He also appears in the film “Sight Extended” (2021) as a producer and composer of a song used within the feature film.

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