About (ENG)

Gianmarco Fabbretti was born on July 31, 1991, in Orvieto, Terni province, Italy.

From a young age, he had a curious and unusual attraction to musical instruments. His childhood wasn’t marked by music, as his passion for it gradually developed towards the end of high school. During that time, he listened a lot to pop and disco songs from the golden era of the 80s, thanks to his father, who was a fan of that period. It was these continuous listens that made his retro style his trademark. Initially, he wasn’t a music enthusiast; he listened to songs casually, especially commercial pop. However, he was always mysteriously drawn to instruments and admired them. The first turning point came in 2003 when he watched the cult film “School of Rock” at school. It was from there that he developed a strong desire to form a band and start making music. However, this dream remained tucked away and buried. Another significant moment occurred when he was 17 years old and discovered Trance, House, and the entire world of club music, which also led him to venture into DJing. He fell deeply in love with it, seeing it as a way to fulfill his old buried dream. The decisive turning point came a few months later when he discovered the world of Digital Audio Workstations and music production for the first time. The idea of creating music completely captivated him. Thus began a long journey of not only exploration but also study and experimentation. During this period, his main genre was Trance, but it gradually took a backseat with the discovery of Melodic Progressive House. Artists like Armin Van Buuren, DJ Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Daft Punk, and Depeche Mode heavily influenced Gianmarco during that time. However, deadmau5 probably had the most significant impact on him with his iconic tracks like “Faxing Berlin,” “Brazil 2nd Edit,” “Strobe,” and “I Remember.” In 2012, he embarked on a musical journey with a friend that lasted approximately a year, during which he explored new sounds. From 2013 to 2015, he dedicated himself heavily to funky and house music, but it remained a period of experimentation. In 2015, his artistic career officially began with his first published track, “Superior,” released on an independent digital label called “Main Room Scene.” However, his first substantial project was his EP titled “Green And Orange,” published with Fuzzy 80s, a label that provided him with various support. In 2016, he produced several official remixes and new projects under labels such as Intricate Records, Perplexity Music, Alter Ego Records, Tiefhaus Recordings, and Round Triangle Label. In 2017, he released his EP “Eleven/The Cold Town,” which was supported by Above & Beyond in their show ABGT n.214-215-216. His subsequent productions were also supported by other international artists like Matt Fax, Shane 54, Stan Arwell, Colonial One, Jaytech, Denis La Funk, as well as promoter channels like The Grand Sound. In the same year, he produced and released “Old Stones” with Intricate Records, his first LP featuring both national and international artists. “Old Stones” in some way pushed Gianmarco further towards retro and synthwave sounds. Towards the end of the year, he produced one of his most renowned works, “mr.daddy,” which was later included in the New Retro Wave catalog, the most famous synthwave community in the world. It marked the beginning of a dual artistic journey for him: synthwave and progressive trance, which sometimes intersected. In 2018, after many years of being self-taught, he enrolled in studies of production and sound engineering at the Jam Academy in Lucca. Gianmarco always had a keen interest in mixing and mastering, and through his academic path, he had the opportunity to delve deeper into these important aspects. It was during this period that he decided to express his versatility through composing for multimedia projects such as commercials, advertisements, videos, promos, and events. He also started working as a sound engineer for various projects by local and international electronic music producers and artists. In collaboration with Cezary Graf, he released several synthwave and darkwave works, many of which were supported by international channels such as New Retro Wave, The80sGuy, Luigi Donatello, ThePrimeThanatos, and Neon Nights. In 2019, he released new original tracks and remixes, including the single “Hymn of Love” with Intricate Records (supported by Cosmic Gate) and the collaboration with his friend saxophonist Paride Cannone on the single “SaxJack.” Towards the end of the year, together with his friend Luca Pedichini (aka mr.malox), he contributed to composing a Chillout Ambient album for a local photography event by Pietro Vermicelli called “Our Shared Home.” In 2020, the pandemic caused various disruptions, including in the music industry. It was a slightly slower period for Gianmarco, although he never stopped producing new demos and bringing different ideas and projects to life. As 2021 approached, he launched “Electronic Vibes,” a monthly mix series curated by Gianmarco featuring the latest releases in the Progressive and Melodic Techno scene. He released new original works like “Hello” in collaboration with George Santana, “Together,” an uplifting trance track, “In My Soul,” with more Techno vibes, and revived his old melodic house project “Orange,” releasing an EP to celebrate 10 years of this project that was never officially launched, including a remix by Marko Ruberto. In 2022, he worked as a mixing and mastering engineer on projects such as Rubo and FatFat Corfunk’s instrumental album “Periferia Lontana,” featuring an unreleased freestyle collaboration with Ensi. He also produced his second LP album, “Fashion House,” for a music library called Plan8, which also appeared in the Universal Music Production catalog. He continues his activities as a producer, but above all, as a sound engineer, with various credits for musical projects by national and international artists.

To this day, Gianmarco continues his work with great passion, always striving to convey his devotion to music and his experience.

ph: Serena Grimaldi